A normal workday
is hard enough.
Why not add
some flexibility.

Choose QUIFLEX®, the vibration-free drive over and maintenance free joint solution.

QUIFLEX®liquid joint

Maintenance-free. Forklift-friendly. Easy on the back.

The QUIFLEX® liquid joint is the perfect alternative to conventional joint solutions, for example at hall transitions, loading ramps or high-bay warehouses. The often protruding metal or broken plastic profiles are poison for industrial trucks and forklifts – and not least for the backs and joints of the drivers.

QUIFLEX® impresses with extremely short hardening times and compatibility with almost any substrate. Due to the fact that it can be worked to the exact height of any existing surface, it can be driven over without vibration. Maintenance work and costs on joints and vehicles are a thing of the past.

Quiflex Flüssigfuge

The QUIFLEX®benefits at a glance:

Extreme short installation
and hardening time

Vibration free
drive over

Fulfils the VDMA standard
for high storage warehouses

Suitable for AGV
vehicle overrun

Special version for LAU (storage,
filling and handling) systems
and water protective systems

Highly chemical resistant


Highly wear resistant
and maintenance free

Applicable in fire
protection areas

Freely customizable
in colour

Applicable in many areas.

Logistics warehouses
QUIFLEX® guarantees absolutely smoothness, even at high speeds. Ideal for warehouses and logistics centres.

Public areas
QUIFLEX® is freely customizable in colour and is easy to clean. Ideal for coverings in malls, waiting areas or airports.

High storage areas
QUIFLEX® fulfills the strict levelness requirements of the VDMA guideline. Ideal for very narrow and high storage warehouses.

Hygienic areas
QUIFLEX® is liquid tight and 100% sterile. Ideal for hospitals and the food industry.

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